Plastic products never decompose. There is a saying, “The First invented Plastic still exist.” Cause, it takes 300+ years to disintegrate. Whether you through it to the water or burn it, it just change the form and on the way to change form, it pollutes water and air both. Polythene bags are the main menace. It causes water clogging, flood and endanger the species in water and even endanger us with Carbon Monoxide while burned. Absolute cause for Asthma and other breathing related diseases.

Now here we are introducing 100% Organic, Bio-Degradable and totally Compostable products, which are the Best alternative found till now against the Plastic. Our bag is totally made of starch and oil derived from vegetables, an approach to renewable resources. Absolutely looks like polythene bags, but you will feel how premium it is when you touch it. You will also feel Damn good, when you will know that it bio-degrades with water or soil within only 90 – 180 days, when you through it away. Mother Earth will thank you for that.

Same goes with the other products on our arsenal. Eco-Cups, Bowls, Plates and even Straws are made of 100% Organic materials. Interestingly, We have used Corn-starch lining inside our paper products instead of the traditional wax lining (common cause of colon cancer), So that you enjoy your favourite beverage in peace without any health hazards.

Just think, “The Usage time of a single plastic product you use.”

We are sure, the average usage time of any plastic product is not more than 15 minutes. Like carrying the groceries to home, taking a hot or cold drink or taking a quick meal. All those plastic products are going in the trash can, but most of them are just thrown away. 15 minutes of usage and 300+ years of pollution. Let’s not pollute our world any more and switch to total Organic & Eco-friendly products.

Have you ever wondered, why we work?

We always work for our Future, for our family’s Future and for our grandchildren’s Future. Are we really doing that? Crafting the Future is never been so easy and never will be.

Just change the product you use, not your habit.

Let’s have some fun

with some Organic magic

Have you ever dipped a polythene bag in hot water? Do it, if you never done it before. Yes, it doesn’t dissolve, that’s why we get so many water clogging in our cities. Now, play the below video. Amazing!! right? Totally dissolves in hot water instantly and it gets soft in water.

 Amazing!! right? Totally dissolves in hot water instantly and it gets soft in water.

Now another one. You have either burned or seen others to burn polybags, mostly in winter. It drips like wax, while burnt and leaves a deadly gas, Carbon Monoxide. We all know the smell. Play the above video.

Yes, it burns like paper and smell like paper, keeping only ashes as residue.

We believe, if you just believe like we believe

Next time when you will go for shopping, you will only ask for Eco-bag. When you are in your favourite coffee shop, you will ask for the Eco-cup for your hot or cold drink and Don’t forget to take it with the Eco- straws. Whenever you order a take away food for you or your family, ask for the Eco-boxes for your food. Cause you won’t want your food to be contaminated. The Wooden Cutlery, will definitely put some aristocracy on your dining table, showing others your green taste of choice.

Mother Earth will thank you.