Why Make the World Green?

Green is simple. Green is inspiring. Green represents nature, color of our Mother Earth. But recently we are watching Mother Earth is loosing its color for the sake of Modernization. Everyday we are loosing trees and forests to feed the increasing demand of mankind. It’s ok, we need it. But how much we are giving back? Without giving back or restoring what we are using, Mother Earth will loose its color. And the consequence we all know; Global warming, drought, flood, cyclones and many things. Even we don’t show concern about the misdeed we are doing everyday; polluting our air and water with huge CO2 emission and using plastics like polybag and other one time disposables.

Lots of green industries are coming daily, providing products which are, or may be beneficial for the environment. It’s very appreciable, but we must be aware of the companies, which are taking Green name just for the sake of making more profit and harming the eco-system as before. We strongly believe, with green in mind and with high moral we must come affront for this eco-system, cause we are the integral part of it.

So, among all those Green companies, we Ecospear are the Eco-warriors. “No” to petroleum-based plastic products is our first priority. We believe replacing different plastic products with 100% Bio-Degradable products will significantly improve the situation. We offer, Simple solution with cutting edge technology. You can now use all those plastic replacing products and throw them away without thinking of polluting the earth. In fact, Mother Earth will thank you, cause you will be making the earth more green by using 100% Organic products instead of non-degradable plastic products. Just think, Plastic or poly bags will take 100 – 300+ years to disintegrate or vanish, while our organic products will decompose with soil or water within 90 -180 days and will not cause any harm to animal or anyone if eaten or swallowed accidentally.

Green is Simple, so as our solution. Your small collaboration will definitely Save the Future and make the world more livable. Mother Earth is counting on you and us to do the right choice.

Therefore we say, you don’t have to change your habit, just change the product you use.