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We believe, it’s you who can really make the change. And you will not believe, how small change of your choice, will have a huge impact. It’s never been so simple to bring out the inner green of your heart. So, Hold the hand of your Future and lead them towards a Green World.


Ecospear Pvt. Company Ltd is a company established from the immediate necessity to mitigate ecological and environmental crisis of Bangladesh through providing next-gen solutions. Our green, biodegradable and compostable Eco-bags are solutions to today’s major problems like flooding of major cities due to clogging of water-ways by polythene bags.

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Based on the current Plastic Epidemic the World is facing, we have the perfect alternative in our arsenal. You are in charge here and we believe together we can make a difference.


Bangladesh: world leader in banning plastic bags

Bangladesh was the first country to ban plastic bags and over a decade later many developed countries are still struggling to emulate this success. Although plastic bags make up only a small percentage of all litter....

Will there be more fish or plastic in the sea in 2050 ?

A recent claim that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050 was intended to highlight a pollution crisis in the oceans. The problem really does exist, but do the figures hold water, or is there something fishy going on?

Non-woven bags are more Dangerous than Plastic bags

When doing house works, you may find a dozen of bags, and most of them are business gifts. Currently, many people begin to realize that a flood of bag gifts can not protect the environment any more. Some experts even advise that......

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Introducing The First ever Organic bag

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